Saturday, August 1, 2015

Oh you know me...

Yeh guess what its time to catch up! I come to blog about 1 thing and then think about all the other stuff I'm forgetting to blog about.. So here goes.. This may be long and probably not in order..

 First off our most recent adventure I got a job!! My years of being a stay at home Mom will be coming to an end. I'm forever thankful I was able to be with Kobe everyday since he was a baby.. When he was born in Feb 2006 I had a hard time after he was born. I had  postpartum depression and I was a mess..  Finally in June I went back to work at the Daycare I was working at but Kobe went to a different daycare which my mom worked at. He would be with my mom all day where at the daycare  I worked at I wouldn't be with him everyday.. So mamaw was the next best thing.. I was a mess at work... I would cry all the time.. lets just say I used the bathroom a LOT so I could have a cry fest. Finally a spot came open at the daycare my mom worked at so I applied and got the job. I worked in the toddler room which was ages 1-3 so once Kobe turned 1 he'd be with me again.. which was perfect.. before Kobe turned 2 my world started falling apart. My ex husband left Kobe and I wiping the bank account out completely.. I had to give up our home because my income wasn't enough to pay the rent. We moved in with my grandparents.. not long after Kobe turned 2 we finally got into government housing, not my proudest moment but I'm so thankful it was there in my time of need, just when I thought my world was getting better the daycare I worked at closed its doors and I was now jobless, divorced with a child living in government housing with scary neighbors that would stand outside my living room window and watch my TV lol.. freaks! So after that my sister told me she would pay me to keep my niece since she also went to the daycare that closed and she would need a sitter.. so I did that for a while then I picked up another child to watch and I was making some money and being a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom). Now fast fwd to this day.. Kobe is 9 (in a half lol) and I'm still a "SAHM" and I still watch children. I was on the fence about going back to college to become a childcare director and open my own childcare.. or just getting out there and finding the perfect job. There were a few jobs in the news paper and on the Community schools website that I was interested in so I sat down and typed up a resume. Which I might add is HARD when you have nothing to put on it.. I seriously googled "What to put on a resume when you are a Stay at home Mom" it was plain and boring and if I read it as an employer I probably would have laughed.. one job I applied for sent an email saying "Thanks for your recent application, but we feel another applicant was more qualified for the position." HAHA! Well DUH! But anyways I also applied for a secretary job for one of our local Elementary schools.. Which I found out in conversation with a friend that it was filled so I thought hmmm.. well thats 2 out of 4 I didn't get. I was very bummed because I REALLY wanted that secretary job. That would be PERFECT hours, no weekends, off when Kobe's off.. yanno just perfect.. So Yesterday I got a phone call from a local number so I answered and it was the Principal from Kobe's school, at first I was confused why he was calling lol. But he wanted to offer me a job at the school. He said he saw were I applied for the secretary position and didn't know if I'd be interested or not in doing something different.. I said yes I was very interested and I would love too.. So I meet with him on Monday at 1 to talk with him and get all the information.. I'm VERY excited!!! Once again Kobe and I won't be separated lol.. I'll blog again once I know more about it.

Now let's talk about this kid...

Kobe has been having dizzy spells.. He'll be sitting and get dizzy.. He came in my parents the other day and said "Mom, when I was sittting on the lawnmower watching papaw, my head felt like it was shaking but it wasn't." after a few more times of this happening I called his doctor and they got us in the next morning. All I could think about was he had swam in that nasty pond water and he probably got some parasite.. which I DID make him wear a nose plug since thats what they recommend so you don't get that brain eating parasite (Amoeba). I take that stuff serious. My two little cousin's father died from that. He went to the same beach we were at on the SAME day we were there a few years ago.. So it scares me.. I was iffy about him even swimming in it but I let him as long as he wore a nose plug. But of course he would take it off for a minute since it was uncomfortable. He never went under water either.. but still that though crossed my mind.. Wednesday morning Kobe had a molar tooth, which was a baby, pulled.. It wasn't a good tooth and was giving him lots of trouble. The dentist didn't say if it was infected or not so his doctor went ahead and gave him an antibiotic. We go and pick up his antibiotic and I give him the first dose... he's sitting in the living room and all the sudden his face turns red and keeps getting more red. Then his ears look like they are on fire. We thought he was just hot. Then he started itcing and we seriously watched hives appear all over his face, ears, neck chest and stomach.. it was crazy to watch... so I called his doctor and she said to stop the meds and give him benadryl .. so about 30 mintes after that he started to clear up... it was really weird.  He has even taken that before and done just fine so I don't know what was going on? So anywho Dr. K sent another antibiotic in and its done great. She also wants him on a probiotic just in case he did get some ickies in the pond that will help get them out. She also sent us Friday morning to the Chiropractor for an adjustment.. which isn't his first time but it was his first time get an actual "pop'n and crack'n" adjustment that Kobe wasn't used to lol.. but thought was cool.. there was a lot of tension on his right side that they worked on .. we go back Monday for some more work so hopefully he is on the way to feeling like a new man.. He has not had anymore spells since Wednesday so Praise God for that!!!

I think in my last blog I talked about my dad and him having back surgery.. well he was going to go back to work the last week of July but plans changed.. his leg pain was not getting better in fact mom had to take him to the ER he was in so much pain and couldn't get relief.. He was seeing his chiropractor  and they were working on his leg and trying to get the pain to go away.. One night my dad noticed his leg looked swollen.. The next morning he went to the CP and he told my dad to go to the ER and get an ultrasound because he had a blood clot.. Sure enough he did.. He was in the hosital for 3 days and was to stay in bed and only get up for the bathroom.. They released him on Sunday and sent him home on blood thinners with no restrictions. His leg is feeling a lot better now.. and he is even able to go back to work on Aug 10th..

So here are some pics from other stuff going on..

Fixed and tried Fried green tomatoes for the first time..

The corn from our garden was a fail

Kobe's new school shoes

Went to my cousin's baby shower

Celebrated my cousin Luke's passing of his GED.. with a big old party!

3v3 Soccer Tourney

Kobe and I saw this on the way home and we thought it was a tornado.. everyone says its isolated rain but who knows lol

We pulled a bush out of our landscaping

 My dad and Kobe playing "Go Fish"

Kobe broke my heart with his "I know there's no Santa" lol

Watched fireworks at the park with mom and Kobe

Adam had us out for a fish fry at the campground

 Watching fireworks at Bogg's

Grandma's feeders we got her attracted some humming birds

Went and got fitted for our bridesmaid dresses with this handsome little man

Papaw snuggling with his boys

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  1. It's weird how things can get tense because of a bad tooth. At least your dentist is well-equipped for that occasion, with all the antibiotics and the facilities that Kobe might need. Every dentist should be like that, so we can improve the quality of care here. Anyway, thanks for sharing! I hope he’s feeling better now.

    Benny Murray @ Dental Care Of South Jersey