Monday, March 9, 2015

Mother-Son Dance 2015!!

This past Sunday, March 8th was the first Annual Mother-Son Dance!

We got all dressed up and headed out for a fun afternoon!!

I thought we looks pretty snazzy!!

Of course we had to get a selfie in!!

I love my boy!!

As we drove to the dance I started getting emotional.. I had to fight back the tears.. I was so excited for our "date" I was looking forward to this day since they announced it.. I was so surprised that he agreed to go and was actually excited about going.. he almost chickened out on the Tie wearing until his best friend said he was wearing a tie too..

First thing we did was hit up the photo booth before the line got too crowded

First time in the booth         Second Time in the booth

See the picture that is circled in red? Yeh THAT picture? He did all on his own.. again I about lost it.. he was so precious.. It was a huge shock.. I was in awe! Even the lady behind the curtain that was helping with the photo booth commented on how precious he was. It made my heart melt..

Here we are dancing to Up Town Funk!!

 Kobe loved this picture because of the lights on his face lol

Our first slow song that we danced too.. I once again had to fight back the tears.. He then wanted to spin me.. He was so precious! I coulda cried the whole time because of the fun we were having.. He went off with his friends for a bit then came over to me and said "Com'on Mommy (yes he still calls me this at times) let go get some snacks." So we went and got some cookies and punch...

This was us trying on props for the photobooth lol

We had such a WONDERFUL time!! I told him we need to go on Mommy/Son dates more often!

Here are some more pics from our fun afternoon

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  1. Great pictures! I enjoyed reading and he seems precious :-)