Monday, September 9, 2013

Here Piggy Piggy...

Kobe, Olivia and Luci Pig wrestled this year for the first time!! Kobe had a blast.. They did really well and were able to catch the pig and put him on the time.. I didn't hear what their time was but I know it wasn't as fast as the winners at 6 seconds!!!

Here they are getting all taped up.. this is to keep their shoes and clothes on..

They didn't think they got muddy enough so they had to jump on the mud volleyball pit lol.. Well Kobe was thrown in by his dad!.. I turn and see Kobe flying in the air and Jason cheezin like a big kid lol...
  Of course the girls were the first ones in lol!

How can these two be covered in mud but still so beautiful??? Not fair lol

Of course my little mud monster is cute as a button being all dirty too!

Best Buddies!!

I think the dad's enjoyed the spraying off a little too much LOL..

After that we headed to get something to eat and to catch the remaining heats at the demo..

They were really intense! There were 3 cars flipped! It was good thought.. however I wont choose front row next time lol

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  1. I love the look of determination on Kobe's face when he is getting taped up lol